Technology Trends

By Jahmoia Rice

Microsoft published an article that detailed digital technology trends to modernize your business. The article introduced the ABCD strategy to drive digital transformation. In a world seemingly connected and interconnected to technology, it has become a major part of our lives. Especially in the recent years as we have transitioned more of our day-to-day activities online, whether students are connecting with their classes, work, or that Pilates class. The importance of the way we connect, how we connect, and what we connect with becomes significantly more important. When considering personal, business and organizational needs adapting to these changes, the technology, connection and devices become increasingly important. “Each year, about 10 billion new microcontroller-equipped devices are plugged into the global economy … the world is becoming one giant computer” (Satya Nadella, CEO-Microsoft)”.

The comprehensive digital strategy included four key points: artificial intelligence, big data, the cloud, and modern devices. In short, the AI helps apply knowledge and solutions to your organization’s problems. Big data ensures companies collect and analyze data, using the information to access solutions for both the organization and the person. The Cloud establishes an infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere, providing a streamline of the services. The last letter of this strategy goes to modern devices, the right device will deliver an intelligent edge with increased benefits. Considering the number and ways people connect, the device become increasingly important.

According to a study done by the PEW Research Center, “Many American households have multiple devices – especially smartphones. A third of American households have three or more smartphones, compared with 23% that have three or more desktops, 17% that have three or more tablets and only 7% that have three or more streaming media devices. Taken together, 90% of U.S. households contain at least one of these devices (smartphone, desktop/laptop computer, tablet or streaming media device), with the typical (median) American household containing five of them. And nearly one-in-five American households (18%) are “hyper-connected” – meaning they contain 10 or more of these devices.”

As the Microsoft article noted, devices give us accessibility and resources form wherever we are. “These devices have become natural points for employees to access their workspace and corporate systems form anywhere.” Key aspects of the right device are being easy to use and manage, while providing innovation, productivity and security. As a wholesale provider we couldn’t agree more, our refurbishment process here at Triad Sourcing is meticulous, honest, and detailed. The importance of a device you can trust and rely on unparalleled as we integrate more and more of our lives with technology.




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