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Triad Sourcing brings 30 years worth of experience in providing first-class service to buyers and sellers of computer hardware and related products.


We are a wholesaler of personal computing products. 

IT Disposal

Upgrading, we purchase off-lease laptops and select tablets. 

Scalable Product Grading

Check out our product grading requirements.


We clean and refurbish used off-lease personal computing products. Are you looking for a supplier?

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We Got Started Because We Want to Make Purchasing Easier.

Owner & Founder Jeff Morris brings more than 30 years of successful business experience to Triad Sourcing. His entrepreneurial spirit, straightforward negotiations, integrity, and follow-up regimen ensure that all our customers and sellers receive the best care before, during, and after every transaction.

Our varied range of products ensures that Triad Sourcing can supply the right items; at the right price, for each and every client.  Our global expertise helps us know that there is always so much to do and so little time. So let us help you save time, by helping you with your sourcing needs. 

Experts in Hardware Sourcing

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 Triad Sourcing trades in computer hardware and related items. We are a unique company founded on five key principles: honesty, transparency, integrity, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Through honest and documented transactions, we establish trust and confidence with our clients and suppliers. We buy, inspect, test, and clean approximately 4,000 units per month. Our goal is to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers, buyers, and sellers.

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